Our Story

Francisco Perez, a second-generation machinist, learned at a young age the importance of hard work and the art of the trade under the tutelage of his father and brothers. For 23 years, he honed his craft while working for different companies supporting various industries.

He observed through his work experiences the importance of a great team. Although the companies were successful in generating revenue, they were faltering at cultivating a positive work environment and customer-supplier relationships through transparent communication. What he found common among the organizations was a failure to fortify the foundation of their companies, which were built upon the pursuit of income rather than the organization’s most valued resource: people. Francisco believed he could establish a coalition of like-minded, skilled tradespeople who appreciate honest work for honest pay in support of the collective rather than the individual. With family, faith, and passion for his craft driving him, he sought out team members who embraced his core values and would become an extension of the Perez family through PereDel (meaning, “of Perez”). There was no better place for him to start than at home.

In 2001, Francisco founded PereDel Precision Machining (PPM) with his wife Martha to give back to the community by providing employment opportunities, by enriching the work-lives of the team members they serve, and through their philanthropic endeavors. PereDel reflects the philosophy and values of its founders. PereDel fosters long-term working partnerships with our customers by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. Our ongoing goal of satisfying our customers fuels our passion as solution providers. The culmination of our collective experience in the trade allows us to solve everyday manufacturing problems efficiently and cost-effectively. Our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve drives our passion for continual improvement by ensuring our systems, processes, and technologies align with our customers’ requirements.